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Current Item:Willow Seed// Price: Max // Dump: 5k!
Click the Image of the item to view the grand exchange's history map! (WILLOW SEED)

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 Cheap Mils.. What we are, how we do it & why we do it.

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PostSubject: Cheap Mils.. What we are, how we do it & why we do it.   Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:15 pm

Okay I'll get straight to the point shall I?
Firstly we're a merchanting clan with a twist, we do the same as all other merchanting clans but we're a no scamming clan, we pride ourselves on happy customers, not on material goods.
What we do is choose an item, buy it out at max price, creating a false demand which forces the price up. When we reach our target price, we sell it to other members of the RuneScape community bringing us a nice tidy profit.
We do it because we ourselves want to make money but we want to give you guys that chance to get the godsword you've always wanted etc.

-Those of you who took part merchanting Toktz-Ket-Xil, Then I'm very sorry but some of our generals scammed you whilst I was on my holiday. They have been kicked now for your safety-
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Cheap Mils.. What we are, how we do it & why we do it.
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